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Cracked Screen

If the LCD is cracked or has a distorted image, no image at all or is malfunctioning its time to get the screen replaced.


If your device is not charging or keeping a charge or dying faster than normal that is a good sign the battery needs replaced.


If the camera is cracked, not opening or if the image is obscured by something that is a sign that the camera needs to be repaired.


If you hear a fuzzy/cracking sound or if the sound fades in and out, no sound at all or a loudspeaker our technicians can easily repair that.

Home Button

If the home or power buttons do not respond, is jammed or is removed it needs to be replaced.

Charge Ports

If you are having issues with the charge port or if it was smashed after being dropped our technicians can replace the charge port to bring your device back to life.

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